Eepos Application Privacy Policy

Eepos Application Privacy Policy

Updated: 18.6.2021

Oksidia Oy has created the Eepos App for all Finnish and International clients (schools) that use Eepos School Management system to manage their daily operation and resources. For all of these clients we are working as data processor to host all client data in separate servers or databases maintained by our subcontractors.

We do not own, use, collect or publish any personal information from our client databases. All data is managed and collected by our clients (separate schools) who are the registry owners.

We can only access school data if so requested by our client (a school administrator). This could be necessary for example to

  • perform maintenance to school databases
  • perform data recovery
  • perform large scale data modifications to databases
  • collect additional information from system logs

If you wish to know more about your data or the schools privacy policy, you can check your schools privacy policy after logging into this application. You can also use your browser to access your schools Eepos School management environment online ( where the x is your schools Eepos URL) and find the schools privacy policy from there (the link is placed in the footer text). If you can not find the schools privacy policy, please contact the school administration.

Eepos application communicates with our client (school) environments. This communication is necessary to transfer study information from our servers to the app. We do not collect any other information about you, your device or your behaviour to our clients. We only require you to input your login credentials to connect you to your data.

After adding an account or accounts to this app, we need to store your account/device token to client (shool) environment you’re logging onto. This is a needed so we can handle server logins and for this application to act properly. This information is used only to identify app user and will never be given to any other party. If you decide to remove the account from the application, the stored information inside the client (school) environment will also be deleted.

All connections are SSL encrypted. This Application does not contain any other features that could allow users to unintentionally share their personal information.

If we need to update or change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. If you have any questions about our privacy policy you can contact us via