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Reduce administration’s stress with Eepos School Management and focus on the more important things – like tuition itself

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Supporting students from preschool to highschool

Eepos can help you whether you operate an elementary school, high school, art school or an international education business. Today, over 100 schools utilize Eepos in their daily activities.

Educational segments

Modern and easy cloud-based service to speed up schools’ routines

The agile features of Eepos enable schools to operate in a mobile, safe and user-friendly environment. You will find tools for planning, automating, communicating and reporting for students, guardians, teachers and school’s administration.


Quick and customer-driven quality service

We strive for better customer service every day. We make sure that Eepos stays updated, safe and continuously developed. We guarantee our customer service experience is at the highest level possible.

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How does using Eepos improve school’s administration?

All the necessary tools in a single service

We have combined all the school’s essential features and processes into one centralized system. We streamline the administrative work and users’ daily responsibilities by decreasing unnecessary manual paperwork and manual data transfer between systems.


Versatile integrations

Eepos is easily integrated to your operative systems and national data resources. We have several easily adapted operative integrations for systems and services related to billing, salary management, LMS, remote lessons and user identification. We also develop new integrations constantly based on our customers’ wishes.


What can we offer you?

Saving clicks and time

All the Eepos user interfaces and features have been designed together with thousands of school admins, teachers, students and parents. During the last 8 years we have learned a lot about how to save end users time and reduce the burden school management may bring. The results can be seen in our detailed user interfaces and intuitive user experience. Whether you want to just adjust some small details or mass-edit school’s student databases, Eepos helps you with it.

Easier study management for teachers

Eepos offers quick and easy-to-use tools also for teachers and other teaching staff. The efficient and intuitive user interfaces make managing student and group information effortless. You can connect all student related data in the student’s profile. You can share media and other materials to students and groups directly from Eepos. You can also create a workspace for a group in Google Classroom or start a remote lesson with only a few clicks. All this helps you focus on things that matter the most – teaching! 

Simple portal for students and guardians

Students and parents can participate in school activities with Eepos through a browser or with a mobile app. Schools can inform users about activities and events via push notifications and emails. Students’ studies and plans are maintained and can be adjusted in the student profile. Study related forms and applications are filled and processed online.

Mobile app for students and guardians

Eepos app gives you real-time access to study information anytime and anywhere and brings it to your pocket. Get easy and safe access to your records, receive notifications of messages and updates and see your calendar, evaluations and school’s bulletins right when you need them. All this enables better cooperation between the school, students and parents.

Help for students, guardians and teachers

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