Eepos lies in the hands of Oksidia’s relaxed and professional Super-team. Our operations, both Finnish and international, keep on growing, so we’re constantly looking for new excited professional people to join our team!

From Hämeenlinna, going global

Oksidia’s main offices are located in Hämeenlinna, more precisely at the great settings of Verkatehdas, where we accommodate our staff and occasionally our customers as well. With us you can work in our office or from home – whatever suits your wishes the best. 

Our professional and excited staff operates in three countries; Finland, Vietnam and the UK.

The values we want to live up to every day

User-centric approach

It is not a coincidence that Eepos has become one of the most popular schools management systems through the grapevine. Since the early days our work has been guided by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. We take in and digest the feedback we get and base our further development on it. We are in active dialog with our customers and strive for a common ideal of what Eepos should do and be.

Quick high-quality service

Everyone faces problems with devices and services in their daily lives. Those situations are frustrating if school’s pressure is hitting you and some software drives you to a down-ward spiral. We do not want you to fight those problems by yourself. We do everything in our power to get you access to someone who can help you quickly and solve your problem. And this might be the reason for our great customer satisfaction.


Whether it’s internal or external cooperation – it’s worth it! None of us know everything and do wonders without help. We want to help our customers to develop their operations but we want to learn on the way too, whenever we can. With our partners we attempt to create things we couldn’t do on our own. We want to reflect this partner-friendly attitude also internally and help our staff on their professional journey. 

Cooperation makes the world a better place!

Life-long learning

Nothing in this world, not even Eepos, is ever ready. Maybe that’s not the point either. The basis, we ground our continuous development is continuous change, development and learning. This is why we want to help our staff develop themselves and give every possibility to move forward professionally.


We want to be worth our customers’ trust. That means we try to be the best version of ourselves we can, be truthful and honest always in all our efforts. And this trust and our guaranteed quality is built on world-class data security and truthful documentation.


We’re sorry but right now we don’t have any unfilled vacancies.