Carbon emissions reduction plan

Environmental protection and sustainability are central for Oksidia, both within our own internal actions and procedures and with the technology we develop. In this post we describe how we calculate, control and offset emissions we create.

Our approach

As a company we follow a green-minded approach and sustainable business practices. Eepos School Management System was developed to help schools and councils to move towards a paperless working environment and to accelerate green transition within schools and councils. Eepos offers cloud-based, electronic and paperless methods to handle all school administrational tasks and work including planning, resource management and communication. Eepos also offers technological solutions for remote education and meetings that have positive enviromental impact.

Our supply chain follows our sustainability standards. We select our third-party service providers, subcontractors and partners based on their overall acceptability, including modern and sustainable business methods, technological levels and price. We prioritise online sales meetings and collective webinars to train and meet customers. We encourage our customers to move to paperless management and we develop new features constantly to our Eepos to achieve that.

In short our approach considers

  • controlling emission of supplies, services and tools we use daily in our operation
  • controlling emissions created by our working methods
  • selecting our suppliers with enviromental impacts in mind
  • and offsetting our footprint accordingly

Bigger carbon handprint

We strive to achieve a bigger carbon handprint (impact on others’ carbon footprint reduction).

We encourage our customers to have all information between schools, staff and pupils’ homes centralised in one easy-to-use system so it does not have to be printed. The more in cloud, automatic and seamless the school information management is, the larger the environmental benefits are.

We train administration to use remote solutions more fluently and guide teachers to adapt to remote learning and teaching if necessary.

Smaller carbon footprint

Even though our line of business is easier regarding the green transition and our team is relatively small, we acknowledge that our work with carbon emissions reduction is still in progress and continuous improvement is necessary. Our company is growing and we must not forget the changes in emissions that it brings.

There are several ways we can reduce emissions, from reducing office temperature and utilising our office space to the maximum to dumping fossil fuels and flying even less. We will adopt these changes during the 5-year plan we have set.

Calculated baseline emissions 2022-2027

We calculated our baseline emissions in 2022 considering our scope.

Scope 1: Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources
Scope 2: indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling consumed by Oksidia
Scope 3: all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain

YearStaffScope 1 (0,145/head)Scope 2 (0,627/head)Scope 3 (1,264/head)Total
2022111,6 tCO₂e6,9 tCO₂e13,9 tCO₂e22,4 tCO₂e
2024162,3 tCO₂e10,0 tCO₂e20,2 tCO₂e32,5 tCO₂e
Target year 2027223,19 tCO₂e13,97 tCO₂e27,81 tCO₂e44,97 tCO₂e
Target year 2027 (Changes)222,4 tCO₂e (0,1/head)11 tCO₂e (0,5/head)22 tCO₂e (1/head)32,5 tCO₂e

Calculate, reduce and offset

From the financial year 2023 on Oksidia will offset 150% of the carbon footprint we create. We set our offset rate to 150% to make sure our carbon footprint is covered and there are no blind spots in our emissions’ calculations.

Our target year is 2027 which gives us five years to perfect our approach, plans and procedures. With our current planned actions, our CO₂ emissions per head calculations we will reduce our carbon footprint by 27,5% (from 44,97 tCO₂e to 32,5 tCO₂e ) and we will offset the rest.

For the year 2022 we have offset emissions for 33,6tCO2. 

Offset with Compensate

We will cooperate with a trusted and well known organisation Compensate to make sure the compensation we make has an impact. Compensate is a Helsinki-based operation that includes climate change experts, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, communications professionals, and an independent panel of world-renowned scientists

Compensate consists of Compensate Operations Ltd, which runs the day-to-day business operations of the group, and the nonprofit Compensate Foundation, which focuses on advocacy work to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market.

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