Basic education in the arts

Music, dance, theatre and visual arts. From Helsinki to Rovaniemi, from Lappeenranta to Pietarsaari. Over 150 institutions all over Finland focus on arts tuition and most of these schools are managed with Eepos. Eepos simplifies necessary processes and reduces unnecessary paperwork so that schools could focus on the educational itself.

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Long-term cooperation within the arts education

We have worked with basic education in the arts for over ten years. By 2021 Eepos has grown to be a comprehensive support system that manages all schools tasks from resources, registers and evaluations to internal and external communication, billing and teachers’ salaries. 

Eepos is the backbone of over 100 art schools in Finland already. It helps over 4000 teachers with their daily routines and maintains study registers for nearly 80 000 students. 

Why art schools choose Eepos?

We understand the routines

Eepos understands the school’s routines and all the different user perspectives. 

We understand how different fields of education and art forms differ from each other and we acknowledge their individual needs. We understand multiform education which is why Eepos suits private tutoring and group and short course -based tuition so well.

Due to our modular technological architecture, we can mold every Eepos to meet the specific demands of each customer. Every feature is included automatically and customers may adopt the modules on their own terms.

Easy to use and truly mobile solution

Using Eepos does not require advanced IT skills. Implementing Eepos does not require investment in devices and hardware. Eepos is accessible with any computer or mobile device. Our design and development aims for easy routines, intuitive UI, and effortless usability regardless of the device you have or where you are.

Safe and versatile system

Data security and user privacy is our highest priority. When developing the service we obey a tight safety code and architecture in which no data is shared by default and accesses are granted only on incident, feature or role basis.

We haven’t developed the system just for study applications or student register management. We have features for effective administration, quick resource and financial management, easy student guidance and straight-forward communication and feedback as well. 

“Eepos is one of the most intuitive online services! Thank you for that!” (Teacher, Valkeakoski)

Eepos is a 100% mobile online environment and it’s easily accessible for all of teachers. Our efforts to simplify teachers’ daily routines  is one of the main reasons why our users are satisfied with us. Our active and continuous development creates new opportunities for teachers’ digital work life.

“Eepos has been working well. I think communications work better in Eepos. It’s great that all the dance related activities can be found in the same place” (Student, Kerava dance academy)

Because we understand every student’s individual needs, we’re able to ease the routines for everyone by simplifying routine functionalities correctly. We provide study related data in a way that it is easily found, accessible and editable. 

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What kind of features can Eepos offer for arts schools?


Eepos offers several tools for communication. Every member of the school staff can use Eepos internal direct messaging. Administration can utilise In-Eepos bulletins, emails and text messages. Teachers and students can communicate via private messages or study related comments. Guardians stay updated by the methods listed above and by using direct messaging themselves to contact the school staff.

Online portal for students and guardians

It is very easy to monitor progress and communications in the student portal. The portal allows you to access study information, online applications and personal information. Student’s Timeline gathers up all events, bulletins, feedback and recent actions to a single view. Students can view their personalised curricula and progress during their studies. Students can also share media and materials for educational purposes.

Room management and optimisation

School’s calendars and schedules can be managed in one centralised system. Timetables can be managed per location, per teacher or per group. Schools can link lessons, events and other reservations with rooms in the premises. The staff can access the room management anytime anywhere with their mobile devices. Room management can be optimised with external integrated services (e.g. Untis).

Sharing media and other materials

Users can share pictures, audio, video and other files with each other. They can also ease their file and document management with school specific tags.

Teachers’ tools

Teachers have easy tools for recording lesson attendance, reporting work hours, sharing documents and evaluating study progress. The daily routines can be done with a mobile device with only a few clicks.

Versatile study manager

With Eepos you can organize private studies, group studies, courses and study units. You can extract interesting statistics like work hours, lesson attendance, location and room utilization percentages etc. Schools can maintain the study records from early childhood all the way to adulthood.

Quick search and reporting

Eepos has several ready to use reports and templates for administration. Eepos provides you with reports for resources, student or group listings, week hours, room usage, working hours and lesson attendance etc. The internal search tool enables multi-layered searches for very specific needs.

Remote education and online learning environments

Eepos has taken action for online learning as well. Teachers can launch a remote lesson in Google Meet or MS Teams with a few clicks. In addition, gathering students to an online lesson and adding them to a group specific Google Classroom can be done right from the teacher portal.

Online forms

Schools can create and publish editable online application forms which are linked directly to the student registers. Our application form tool enables multiple question types in a simple editor, online processing of application forms and customisable automatic confirmation messages. 

Online billing and payment references

Customers invoices can be sent via email directly and the payment references can be imported automatically. Eepos supports reference transfers from web-service channels by Osuuspankki, Nordea and Säästöpankki. 

We are currenlty working on integrations to systems used in the UK.

Mobile application

Students and guardians can download the Eepos mobile application, which makes monitoring studies and communications and sharing materials even easier.

Financial integrations

Tuition fees can be transferred to several financial management systems with our existing integrations. Currently Eepos supports transfers to systems including:  Intime laskutus, IntimePLUS, Lindorff, Maestro-ohjelmat, Procountor API, Lemonsoft, Talenom, ProE, Raindance, Visma Fivaldi, Visma Netvisor, Visma Nova.

We are currently working on integrations for systems used in the UK.

Automatic invoice calculator

With the pricing tables and other settings saved in the system, students’ tuition fees can be calculated based on studies or other student information. The pricing tables can be set for individual studies or bundles of multiple studies. We can also calculate discounts for siblings automatically. You can also add manual invoice rows to a student invoice.

Mitä muut taiteen oppilaitokset kertovat Eepoksesta?

“Eepos on mainio työkalu musiikkiopiston hallinnolle! Eepoksessa vanhempien on kätevä tehdä uusi ilmoittautuminen mm. oppilasvalintoihin tai ryhmäopetukseen. Oppilaaksi päästyään on oppilaan sekä kotijoukkojen helppo seurata opintojen edistymistä sekä hoitaa esimerkiksi jatkamisilmoitukset. Eepos on tuonut musiikkiopiston nykyaikaan!”

Jaana Matilainen, Espoon musiikkiopisto

“Eepos palvelee toimintaamme laaja-alaisesti huomioiden hyvin kaikki osapuolet: hallinnon, opettajat ja oppilaat. Toiminnaltaan järjestelmä on ketterä ja selkeä. Tanssinopettajat kokevat mobiilikäytön helpoksi ja notkeaksi. Oksidian palvelu on ollut kaikin puolin asiantuntevaa ja erittäin avuliasta. Hienoa on se, että olemme saaneet kehittää järjestelmää palvelemaan erityisesti Keravan tanssiopiston tarpeita. Eepos ajattelee kuin taideoppilaitos ja on avannut meille ihan uudenlaisia mahdollisuuksia kehittää toimintaamme.”

Irmeli Toiviainen, Keravan tanssiopisto

“Olen työskennellyt pian 30 vuotta musiikkiopistossa, eikä vielä milloinkaan ole uusien oppilaiden tietojen syöttäminen oppilashallintoon ollut näin helppoa kuin nyt. Siitä ja monesta muusta hyvästä asiasta lämpimät kiitokset koko tiimille!”

Liisa Virtanen, Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto

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