Areas of expertise

Eepos covers school management for basic education, general upper secondary education and education in arts. In addition, Eepos is used for managing music service hubs in the UK and art schools in Vietnam.

Eepos consist of modular pieces that can be adopted if or when needed. This way we can serve schools individually and provide them with the right features and functionalities they need.

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Easy-to-use management system for basic education

Eepos can help you from the beginning of the first grade all the way to the end of secondary education. The features of Eepos offer you a mobile, quick and user-friendly online environment.

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The most simple way to manage upper secondary school studies

Eepos helps the teaching staff and students to keep track of students’ progress during their studies. You can find tools for planning, executing and reporting study related activities. Eepos stores all student records and other documents as parts of the student profile, which then can be edited by teachers and students.

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Supporting the basic education in the arts throughout the learning path

Eepos has been widely adopted by the Finnish and international arts schools. Eepos knows your routines thoroughly whether you operate in the public or private sector or manage music, visual arts, dance or other type of art school.

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Eepos spreads the Finnish educational know-how globally

Eepos has a proven demand outside of Finland. Right now Eepos helps art schools with their daily routines in the UK and Vietnam and manages data for over 10 000 students.

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