Next generation Tool for Music Hub Management

Experience the power of automated data flow, cutting-edge data analytics, and streamlined user experience all in one management system. Eepos Music Hub Management revolutionises everyday work in Music Hubs and allows you to focus on what really matters – the music education in itself.

Whether you’re a hub leader, a music teacher, or a guardian of a music pupil, Eepos is designed to elevate your experience to a whole new level.

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Essential tools, all together, configured to make your life easier

Eepos provides you with everything you need to manage your Music Hub. With Eepos you can manage your tuition, resources, facilities and billing with ease and bring admins’, teachers’, pupils’, guardians and hub partners’ data together. 

Eepos provides mobile friendly and easy access to fully integrated mobile Apps and portals for teachers, pupils, guardians and hub partners

With out-of-box integrations into all major Local Authority finance and payment systems, plus accountancy systems for Music Trusts; managing the billing process has never been simpler!

But all of these features we consider standard and we want to give you more…

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Data analytics and reporting for business management

It’s not just about managing a music hub – we want you to be able to see the future. Our cutting edge data analytics tools not only allow you to see all the relevant data for ACE returns, but they also give you the insights to underpin your strategic development decisions for your Hub.

We enable you to have a helicopter view over your area, give you insights on your offering (based on DfE and Eepos data), expand your reach and increase your revenue streams. 

Eepos analytics shows your reach in local schools on an affluence/deprivation-driven heat map. This allows you to better plan your music hub’s offering and marketing to reach the whole community and the desired audience.


Customer-Centric approach is key to success

One thing we are particularly proud of is our engagement with our customers. We want you to feel comfortable and to make sure you are always supported.

Our customer service Live-chat is open when you need it. And no, we do not use bots. You will get help from live support professionals that know Eepos and understand your daily activities. We also offer you continued guidance and consultation over on-demand video calls as part of our annual subscription and meet quarterly with all our customers via our User Groups.

This is what Milton Keynes music Hub has said about their ‘Eepos Experience’.

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Eepos Product Brochure

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Eepos Product Brochure

Eepos Music Hub Management System

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Mobile app for students and guardians

Eepos app gives you real-time access to music tuition information anytime and anywhere via your mobile phone. Get easy and secure access to your music tuition record, receive notifications of messages and updates and see your calendar, evaluations and school’s bulletins right when you need them; enabling better communication between the Music Hub, teachers, students and guardians.

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