Case study, Milton Keynes Music Hub

2.11.2023 Case study

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support. The first three are up to ourselves, but Eepos will help you with the last bit.

Milton Keynes Music education Hub ensures that all young people are able to receive an excellent music education and that they have opportunities to develop their music skills through high quality instrumental and vocal tuition as well as progressive wide-ranging musical experiences. 

To guarantee we live up to the expectation, we want our operational team to be equipped with the tools they need and deserve. We rely on systems that ensure smooth operations and prevent us from feeling isolated and unsupported.

“We manage personal, tuition-related, and financial data for hundreds of pupils, their families, teachers, and staff, and our operations must continue without disruptions. Our systems need to cater to our specific needs, and if we need help, we require it promptly.”

Help is just one click away

In May 2023, we made the significant leap to Eepos and experienced a transformative shift in our customer experience. This transition has had a profound impact on our operations:
With Eepos, we now have access to the support we need, precisely when we need it. Eepos has vastly improved our quality of work life, and the reason is straightforward: we have a partner that genuinely cares about our Music Hub and our operational well-being.

Over the last six months, several positive changes have taken place:
Our Music Hub now benefits from an active customer support Live-chat, staffed with experienced support personnel available from 7:00 to 17:00 every weekday. This level of assistance significantly enhances our efficiency and our ability to resolve any issues that may occur (to date very few!), allowing us to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Eepos takes customer support a step further by offering us the ability to set up “on-demand video calls” with support staff. These calls can cover topics such as pupil data management, invoicing, or teachers’ daily work, providing us with a platform for idea exchange. This means that urgent queries are addressed promptly, preventing disruptions to our operations.

On-demand calls

The Eepos team understands the importance of collaboration and holds weekly project meetings with us. When we began the onboarding process, we established a project plan that identified specific goals and milestones, with a timeline for the project. We scheduled data migrations, system configuration, and training sessions for our office staff and teachers. These targets were evaluated during the meetings.

As the academic year is already underway, the focus of our calls will shift to the various phases of the academic year. Topics may include the start of new terms, ACE reporting, financial reconciliation at the end of the financial year, and application processes.

Additionally, we have monthly executive meetings to discuss Music Hub strategy, national and local priorities and operational planning. These meetings have played a vital role in shaping the future of our Music Hub, providing valuable insights and guidance to ensure long-term success.

“We now have a direct ‘hotline’ to Eepos staff, allowing us to engage with interested and understanding individuals who assist us and the Music Hub daily. It has had a tremendous impact on our user experience.”

The results

The transition to Eepos will have a significant impact on our operations and administrative capabilities. With Eepos, we are experiencing a newfound sense of partnership and collaboration.

Eepos not only met our needs but exceeded our expectations, allowing us to focus on the Music Hub and the community.

Sue Wakley
Hub Manager – Milton Keynes Music Faculty