Instructions for students and guardians – music hubs and music services

This page provides you with instructions on how to download the Eepos mobile application, where to find help with Eepos if needed and how to use the basic functions of Eepos as a student or a guardian.

What is Eepos?

Eepos is a management system designed for music hubs and services. For the students and guardians, Eepos has a separate portal where you can easily and safely store, view and edit your study history, tuition, progress and personal information. There you can also communicate with the teachers and institution (Direct messaging) and view your billing information (out during spring 2022).

Portal can be used with a mobile application or  in  browser. The Eepos team encourages you to download and use the mobile application.

How to get started with the mobile application?

Eepos application gives you real-time access to music tuition information anytime and anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

You can download and install the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) depending on your device.

1. Go to your device’s application store (App Store or Google Play).
2. Search for  the keyword “Eepos”, select the correct application and click Install.
3. Open the Eepos app.
4. Search for your school and select the correct one. In the UK this means your Music Hub (Sheffield music hub etc.), not the actual school/location you go to.
5. Log in as a student or  guardian with the credentials the hub has provided you with.

If you do not have login credentials, please contact your music hub’s or service’s administration for guidance.

How to log in via browser?

Each music hub or service will have its own Eepos address in the form (school-specific address) The service can be used with most of the commonly used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and works on both computers and mobile devices.

To log in via browser, go to your own Eepos address (e.g. Then you will have to choose if you are applying for tuition in the music hub or service or if you already have login credentials. To log in, press I have login credentials, type in credentials the hub’s or service’s administration has provided you with and press login.

If something doesn't work, where can I ask for help?

Eepos has electronic support request form, that allows a student or guardian to request for support in different situations. The form can be found on the Eepos front page of each school (school-specific address)

Problems with your tuition?

If your problem is related to tuition, history, personal information, student or guardian usernames, or other school matters, select “Contact School” when filling the form. In this situation, the information you provide will be directed to the music hubs administration.

A technical problem

If you are unable to use any of the features, you receive an error message from the system, or you think something is not working properly, select “Contact Support” when filling the form. In this situation, your notification will be directed to the developers of the Eepos system, who will respond to your question within approximately one business day. In addition, we receive support requests to the e-mail address

Updating personal information

The guardian can update the student’s information as well as their own personal information in the Eepos system. Students over 18 years old can update their own personal information.

This is how you update your personal information

  1. Login to Eepos as a student or adult guardian
    • If you are logging in as a guardian, after logging in, select the person whose information you want to update (your personal data or student data) on the right side panel.
  2. Go to the My Information page
  3. Please update your contact and personal information in the fields on the page
  4. When the information is updated, click Update Information at the bottom of the page

Note, if you want to update more than one person’s information as a guardian, you can switch from one person to another on the right side of the page by selecting the person’s name